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Our therapist's must meet the legal and ethical standards established by our licensing board, the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), as established by the California Business and Professions Code. We encourage you to visit the BBS web site to verify license status and review all requirements for practicing. All support staff are trained in the concepts of confidentiality and privacy. Any concerns, questions or disputes shall be addressed in the State of California, regardless of method of service; e-mail, telephone, fax, etc.

Aside from the training and education required by California law, we consistently seek out seminars and presentations that will enhance what each therapist can offer you in the therapeutic relationship. These trainings have included the subjects of Mind and Body Connections, Sports and Exercise in the Recovery From Grief and Depression, research presentations into the rising levels of teen depression, drug use and discontent, the use of traditional, talk based therapies on the Internet, the effects of our rapid paced lifestyles on our quality of life and the connections between lost spirituality and stress. We are always reviewing opportunities for education that allow us to better serve you.

Office Appointments: Take a virtual tour of our office, we hope you find it inviting and peaceful. As well as, a comfortable space to sit down and discuss your concerns. We have counselors available Monday through Saturday. Call (916) 722-6100 to schedule an appointment, our reception office is open from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or you can leave a message. Our Intake Coordinator will return your call, go over fees and arrange an intake appointment and then connect you with the counselor on staff who best matches your needs.

Sliding Scale Office Counseling Fees
Grad Student $45.00-$60.00 Per 50
Registered Intern $65.00-$95.00
Licensed Therapist $95.00-$130.00

Call (916) 722-6100 to Schedule

e-Mail Counseling: Thanks to the Internet, with its accessibility, a great wide world of opportunity has been opened for those seeking counseling. Organize your thoughts, review past correspondence, seek comfort or guidance from previous communications; these are the benefits of e-therapy. The barriers to traditional 50 minute face-to-face sessions include, finances; working single parents who only have time for themselves at 9:30 pm; the individual who lives and works in a small community - the therapist, minister, doctor, city employee in that small community. Flex work schedule? Works great for the company and you are home at specific, important hours, but you have no time to get to an appointment. These are the situations that may be limiting your ability to seek aid. Whether you need convenience or anonymity, e-mail therapy is an exciting new way to connect client and therapist. Response time is 24 hours, unless other arrangements have been made. Fees may vary depending on length and complexity of e-mail.

e-Mail Counseling Fees
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Registered Intern $75.00 Choose a Registered Intern
Licensed Therapist $105.00 Choose a Licensed Therapist

Telephone Counseling: If this mode of counseling best suits your needs, we can arrange it. Initially you will speak with our Intake Coordinator, who will go over fees and arrange an intake appointment and then connect you with the counselor on staff who best matches your needs. Telephone counseling also works well for people dealing with certain anxieties, those recovering from injury or surgery and it can be used as a touchstone for those dealing with issues of loss and bereavement.

Telephone Counseling Fees
Registered Intern $70.00 Per 45
Licensed Therapist $95.00

Call (916) 722-6100 to Schedule

Christian Counseling: Visit Our Staff and meet our counselors who incorporate their faith into their therapeutic interventions. Under California ethical standards only you can ask for Christian counseling, it is never offered or addressed unless you are seeking that element in your recovery. If this perspective is important to you, please be sure to let our Intake Coordinator know. Christian counseling is available in all modalities: office visits, telephone and e-mail.

Video Counseling is planned in the future. We are evaluating a number of systems but have not found an acceptable system at this time.

Gift Certificates: We at Cross Creek Family Counseling know that many times the people we love and care about need more support than we can provide. If someone you care for is struggling with issues, you can help by arranging a gift of counseling sessions. Contact our office by phone, fax or e-mail, and our Administrative Director, Carrie A. Harper, MA, MFT, will discuss with you the limits of confidentiality, the limits on your involvement and the suitability of this type of gift for the individual you wish to offer assistance.

Our telephone number is (916) 722-6100, our fax is (916) 722-9229.

For all services we accept cash, personal checks and VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. Protection of all financial information is guaranteed. Confidentiality of all e-Mail correspondence is guaranteed. We look forward to hearing from you. Please check out our information pages and our library.

We accept Visa cards

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