Anger Management

Road rage; soccer parents go is difficult not to hear about someone "losing it." Sometimes that "someone" may be our loved ones or us. At Cross Creek Family counseling we are court approved to offer anger management classes and individual therapy.

Why are we losing our tempers more and in such extreme ways? We live in a fast paced society without a lot of societal constraints on behavior. The world we live in and our efforts to keep up eat away at our internal constraints and suddenly we are so angry we can't see straight. If you are living with someone who is having a hard time staying in control, you both need some tools to cope.

Step One: If someone in your life is excessively angry, be careful. Encourage them to get help. The first thing is too breath deeply, get some space and ask yourself; "Is my level of anger appropriate for what is going wrong?"

Step Two: Ask yourself; "Where did I learn to deal with anger?" For both parties it is important to know your own "rules": the thoughts, beliefs and impressions of anger that you grew up with and have integrated into your life. Is this suppressed anger from last week? Last month? Ten years ago? Or more?

Step Three: Practice and integrate healthy and effective ways to express yourself. Learn that anger doesn't have to go from 0 - 60 in less than a minute. Before anger there is frustration, ignorance, confusion and underneath anger there can be depression, hurt, fear and fatigue.

If you think our methods can help you or someone close to you, return to our services page and contact us.

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