Adults Molested as Children - AMAC's

At Cross Creek Family Counseling we have specific and long-term training in treating AMAC's. We treat individuals who were sexually abused by a parent, sibling, relative or close family friend. We are able to treat the whole family if opportunity and situation allows for that: offender, victim, non-offending parent or parents, even grandparents and other extended family members.

Treatment for recovery from sexual abuse can take place immediately after the child reports the abuse or years later when the adult can no longer bury the truth and depth of their pain. Interfamily sexual abuse is any contact that is sexual in nature between a child and an adult or older child/teen.

Sexual abuse can take many forms, but it usually begins by eroding the emotional and physical boundaries of a child needy for attention and affection. We call this process grooming. Over time contact can begin with indecent exposure, intruding into the child's room or bathroom and sexual comments, progressing to include fondling, touching sexual parts of the child and encouraging/forcing the child to touch the offending adult. Sexual abuse also includes showing a child pornographic material.

Interfamily molest does not happen in a vacuum. Molest is often generational, with some victims becoming an offender. Families where molest occurs have poor communication, high rates of alcohol and substance abuse and low self-esteem. Today we do a much better job of educating children about sexual abuse and its effects; but if you were molested in your past there were many reasons why as a child, you did not or could not do not deal with the abuse at the time: feelings of shame, disbelief, self blame. Offenders may threaten or bribe children into not speaking up, convincing the child that it is their fault, and that they will never be believed. But if you never face abuse and deal with it in a therapeutic and healing setting, the effects will continue to haunt your life and undermine you forever. Surviving child abuse doesn't ruin your life, remaining a victim to it can.

If you have been the victim of sexual, physical or emotional abuse we can help you overcome your fears and memories. Avoiding these can lead to physical/medical problems, emotional instability and drug and alcohol abuse. For many people, it is while going through their 12 Step Program that they first admit to themselves the abuse that surrounded their decision to begin using. Release from memories, nightmares; sexual self-exploitation or disgust; feelings that you aren't present, out of your body. These reactions can be treated with counseling. Please turn to our services page, allow us to help you on your journey to reclaiming the child in you and the adult you want to be.

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