Play Therapy

What is play therapy?

Play is the "work" of children. It is how they practice being adults; playing house, school, doctors office; astronauts, police, superheroes. Through play we learn to interact with others, we learn boundaries and gain clarity in our social relationships. We learn to control our aggressions, wait our turn and to use our imaginations. At Cross Creek Family Counseling we use "play therapy" with children to learn about their feelings, or the wounds that have left them emotional scared. Play is the nature language of children and through observation and participation we help them explain their fears, problems, frustrations and memories.

The term "play therapy" covers a wide range of interventions, combined with therapeutic techniques. Counselors use games, puppets, music, drawing, reading, exercise, as well as toys, dolls and sand tray to aid children. Using these techniques children and adults can release anxieties, resolve conflicts, learn communication skills, enhance coping abilities and facilitate other life skills which lead to improved social functioning and self-awareness.

Visit "Our Office" and you will be able to view our play therapy room, paint room and sand tray room. We also have a closet of games and toys and numerous books and stuffed animals, all waiting to offer your child assistance with any problems you are concerns about.

Keep in mind "play therapy" isn't only for children. Many adults have suppressed their intuitive need for play. With modifications, we use some play techniques with adults, families, even couples.

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